New project ideas?

If you have an idea for a research topic and want to make use of the CERTAIN Registry data, do not hesitate to contact us or provide us directly with a well elaborated analysis plan. Below you will find a template for an analysis plan and technical requirements.

Ongoing research projects

Interested into the running project? Contact the appropriate study coordinator listed below or the CERTAIN Registry HQ.
Prevention of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in paediatric kidney and liver transplant recipients and in paediatric patients with advanced chronic kidney disease: a prospective, observational multi-centre vaccine surveillance study
Prospective longitudinal multi-center study evaluating modifiable barriers to accessing transplantation and transplant outcomes in children, in Europe. Short title: European Paediatric Access to Kidney Transplantation
ABMR 2016
Antibody-mediated Rejection in European Paediatric Renal Transplant Recipients: Incidence, Risk Factors and Outcome
Proteinuria 2016
Database closed
Proteinuria as a non-invasive marker for renal allograft histology and graft failure in paediatric renal transplant recipients
KLTX 2018
Long-term outcome after pediatric combined liver and kidney transplantation: A CERTAIN Registry analysis
Small donors 2019
Database closed
Outcome after paediatric kidney transplantation from very small donors: a retrospective observational matched cohort study
Database closed
Prevalence and influencing factors of hyperuricemia in pediatric renal transplant recipients – a retrospective CERTAIN analysis
SRNS 2019
Recurrence of nephrotic syndrome after pediatric kidney transplantation in Europe: risk factors, treatment and outcome
PTH 2019
Database closed
Hyperparathyroidism after paediatric renal transplantation: risk factors, management strategies and association with longitudinal growth
HLA immunogenicity
Comparing modern molecular methods of assessing HLA immunogenicity to serology mismatching in paediatric kidney transplantation - a CERTAIN analysis.
Hypertension 2020
Arterial hypertension and cardiovascular comorbidity after renal transplantation – triggers, treatment and sequelae.

Upcoming research projects

Look through our upcoming research projects. If you are interested please contact the study coordinator or the CERTAIN Registry HQ!
Cinacalcet after pediatric renal transplantation: a prospective study in the CERTAIN registry