Workshop program

Friday, 2.12.2022

13:00 Get-together buffet
14:00 Welcome and Commemoration of Luca Dello Strologo Burkhard Tönshoff
14:10 Criteria for acceptance of AKI donor kidneys for transplantation to children Martina Koch
14:35 CERTAIN survey on anesthesia and ICU care in paediatric kidney transplantation Marieke Voet and Marlies Cornelissen
14:55 Implementation of the virtual crossmatch in Germany/Eurotransplant Hien Tran
15:20 Modern molecular methods of assessing HLA immunogenicity - final CERTAIN analysis Jon Jin Kim
15:40 Graft histology and outcome of ABMR - CERTAIN results Alexander Fichtner
16:00 Break
16:15 Update CERTAIN registry technology Kai Krupka
16:35 Barriers to paediatric RTx in Europe - EuPAKT study Jisoo Kim, Stephen Marks
16:55 Survey on current practices in managing children and adolescents with failing renal allografts Zainab Arslan, Rukshana Shroff
17:15 Recurrence of aHUS posttransplant - CERTAIN analysis Sebastian Loos, Raphael Schild
17:35 ABPM in Children 2022 Update: Scientific statement from the AHA Tomas Seeman
18:00 End
19:30 Dinner: Restaurant "Weißer Bock" Große Mantelgasse 24 in Heidelberg

Saturday, 3.12.2022

9:00 Induction of long-lasting regulatory B lymphocytes by modified immune cells in KTx Christian Morath
9:25 Proteinuria, allograft histology and failure - final CERTAIN analysis Anja Büscher
9:45 Recurrence of SRNS/FSGS post-transplant Samantha Rampersad, Antonia Bouts
10:05 Arterial hypertension and post-transplant cardiovascular comorbidity Anette Melk, Elke Wühl
10:25 HPV-related cancer risk for SOT recipients during adult life and early prevention strategies during childhood and adolescence Britta Höcker
10:45 Break
11:15 Impact of delayed graft function on outcome in paediatric kidney transplant recipients - CERTAIN analysis Christian Patry, Miriam Rausch
11:40 Association of metabolic acidosis with allograft dysfunction - CERTAIN analysis Agnieszka Prytula
12:05 Prevalence and risk factors for fractures in paediatric kidney transplant recipients Alex Lalayiannis, Rukshana Shroff
12:25 Outcome of COVID-19 in paediatric KTx Stephen Marks
12:50 Announcements and News (IPTA, ESPN, Eurotransplant, DTG) Burkhard Tönshoff, Lars Pape
13:00 Lunch