Current research projects

  • Prevention of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in paediatric kidney and liver transplant recipients and in paediatric patients with advanced chronic kidney disease: a prospective, observational multi-centre vaccine surveillance study (HPVaxResponse Study)
    Britta Höcker britta.hoecker[at]
  • Antibody-mediated Rejection in European Paediatric Renal Transplant Recipients: Incidence, Risk Factors and Outcome
  • Proteinuria as a non-invasive marker for renal allograft histology and graft failure in paediatric renal transplant recipients
  • Transplantation in methylmalonic academia: An European survey
    Luca Dello Strologo luca.dellostrologo[at]
  • Long-term outcome after pediatric combined liver and kidney transplantation: A CERTAIN Registry analysis
    Florian Brinkert f.brinkert[at]
  • Outcome after paediatric kidney transplantation from very small donors: a retrospective observational matched cohort study
  • Prevalence and influencing factors of hyperuricemia in pediatric renal transplant recipients – a retrospective CERTAIN analysis
    Rasmus Ehren rasmus.ehren[at]
  • Cinacalcet after pediatric renal transplantation: a retrospective study in the CERTAIN Registry
    Justine Bacchetta justine.bacchetta[at]
  • Recurrence of nephrotic syndrome after pediatric kidney transplantation in Europe: risk factors, treatment and outcome
    Antonia Bouts a.h.bouts[at]
  • Hyperparathyroidism after paediatric renal transplantation: risk factors, management strategies and association with longitudinal growth
    Agnieszka Prytula Agnieszka.Prytula[at]

Upcoming research projects

  • Arterial hypertension and cardiovascular comorbidity after renal transplantation – triggers, treatment and sequelae.